Used Tractors

Used Agco Allis 5680 Tractor w/loader- 4wd
#6005- Agco Allis 5680 Tractor w/Frey Loader- 4wd, sn# 1123, 1993, 5887 hrs, 80hp, , 2scv, 12/12 Shuttle, very straight, runs strong, joy stick loader control, straight cutting edge, like new sheet metal, good seat, factory drawbar, four post rops, 12.4x24@60%, 16.9x30@60%

Used Branson 2810 Tractor w/Loader- 4WD
#6178- BRANSON 2810 Tractor- 4wd, sn# CA5A00381, 1034 hrs, 28 hp Diesel, 12/12 Synchro Shuttle, 540/1000 live pto, runs & starts good, strong QT loader w/ Branson style QT bucket, original paint, top link, work & tail lights, NO headlights, missing front grill, newer seat, good floor mat, 7-16@20% & 12.4-24@80%

Used Case IH MXM 130 Cab Tractor w/loader
#5391- Case IH MXM 130 Cab Tractor w/Quicke Q980 Loader- 4wd, sn# ACM225948, 2005, 6778 metered hours, air, 540/1000 Ind PTO, CNH 7.5L 6-cyl diesel eng, 105 hp(P), 3 scv, good glass, new 96" bucket, loader lifts 5600#, 18/6 Partial power shift, radio works, 1 owner, 16.9x28@40%, 18.4x42@85%.

Used CIH 115hp Cab Tractor- 4wd
#5745- Maxxum 115 Cab Tractor w/heat/air- 4wd, sn# ZABE07371, 2010, 5190hrs, 115hp, 3 scv, all original, 1 owner, 12/12 lh power shuttle, partial power, good seat, top link, drawbar, 14.9x28@60%, 460/85Rx38@75%

Used NH TD95D Tractor- 4wd
#6123- New Holland TD95D Tractor- 4wd, sn# HJD099359, 2008, 90hp(E)/80hp(P), 1795 hrs, Iveco 3.9L 4-cyl diesel, 540 IND PTO, 2 scv, 12/12 syncro shuttle-Four synchronized gears in three non-synchronized ranges. Synchronized mechanical shuttle., very clean, nose weights, 13.6R24@90% & 460/85R-34@90%, 2 owners, we sold to last one who retired out of the hay business.

Used Ford 7700 Cab Tractor w/Loader- 2wd
#5852- Ford 7700 Cab Tractor w/ Allied 795 Loader- 2wd, sn# C579303, 1978, 5647 hrs, 93hp(E)/84hp(P), 3 scv, new paint, 8/2 trans, dual outlets, no computers, new cab kit, headliner & floor mat, 10.00-16@75% & 18.4-34@90%

Used Goldoni 30DT Tractor- 4wd
#5970- Goldoni 30DT Tractor- 4wd, sn# , 30HP, 1926 hrs, 1 scv, 12/12 shuttle, 540 Ind PTO, 1 owner from an estate, always housed, completely original, 6.5/80x12@40% & 260/80x20@95%

Used John Deere 6605 Tractor w/ Loader- 4WD
#6046- John Deere 6605 w/JD 148 Loader- 4wd, sn# TL 113352 08 98, 1998, 105hp(E)/95hp(P), 2 scv, 12/4 fully synchronized- Three gears (1-3) plus reverse (R) with four ranges (A-D). 540 Ind PTO, 11.2x28@10% & NEW 18.4x30.

Used JD 5310 Tractor w/Loader
#6129- John Deere 5310 Tractor w/ JD 541 Loader- 4wd, sn# 523435, 64hp(E)/55hp(P), 2001, hours not shown, 2 scv, 9/3 SyncShuttle- Three speeds (1-3) plus reverse (R) in three ranges (A-C). Synchronized shifting, using the clutch, between the three forward speeds and reverse. Tractor must be stopped, and clutch used, to shift range. 11.2x24@80% & 16.9x30@60%, all original, clean rims, no leaks, full rops, tool box, loader stands, like new original cutting edge.

Used JD 3130 Tractor- 2wd
#5907- John Deere 3130 Tractor- 2wd, sn# 300226, 1978, 89hp(E)/80hp(P), New Tach(3137 on old tach), 2 scv, NEW 10.00x16 & 16.9x38@90%, 8/2 trans w/rabbit/turtle, 540/1000 Ind PTO, drawbar, clean rims, block heater no leaks, FIELD READY! Just pulled out of the hay field 06/22/16.

Used JD 1830 Tractor w/Loader- 2wd
#6037- John Deere 1830 Tractor w/JD 146 Loader- 2wd, sn# 124369, made between 1974, New Tach(old meter shows 3615 hrs), 66hp(E)/60hp(P), John Deere 3.6L 4-cyl diesel, 8/4 Gear transmission, 540 Ind PTO, 1 scv, 750x16@40% & 16.9x30@80%/40%, northern tractor w/block heater, new seat, good clutch & brakes, no leaks, new paint, 72" bucket w/good edge. 2 sets of headlights, grill guard. Strong engine. The John Deere model 1830 was the designation for model 2030 tractors built in Mannheim that were exported to Canada. The name change to 1830 was done to avoid confusion with the model 2030 built in Dubuque.

Used JD 1830 Tractor- 2wd
#6207- John Deere 1830 Tractor- 2wd, sn# 247617, made between 1973-79, meter shows 3900 hrs, 66hp(E)/60hp(P), John Deere 3.6L 4-cyl diesel, 8/4 Gear transmission, 540 Ind PTO, 750x16@30% & 18.4x30@80%/40%, ran & worked in our hay field this year. outlets, all original, block heater, all works good. The John Deere model 1830 was the designation for model 2030 tractors built in Mannheim that were exported to Canada. The name change to 1830 was done to avoid confusion with the model 2030 built in Dubuque.

Used JD 2520 Tractor
John Deere 2520 Tractor- 2wd, sn# 04832R, 1968-72, 3160 hrs(original hours), 2 scv, 68hp John Deere 3.3L 4-cyl gasoline engine, 540/1000 PTO, 8/2 John Deere Syncro-Range- Four shift stations with two forward gears each plus reverse gear in some stations. Shifts between gears within a station are synchronized. Tractor must be stopped to shift between stations. Good lights, excellent rims, rear tires 15.5x38@60% weather checked, 9.5x16@80% weathered, 1 Owner except for last 6 months.

Used JD 2020 Tractor w/ Loader- 2wd
#6036- John Deere 2020 w/JD 145 Loader- 2WD, sn# 120323T, 1971, 59 hp, 540 Live PTO, new paint & decals, nice tin, original tach @ 3002 hrs, drawbar, 1 scv, NEW 750x16 & 14.9x28

John Deere 301A Tractor w/JD Loader- 2WD
#6185- John Deere 301A Tractor w/JD148 Loader- 2wd, sn# TO301AD 700220, made between 1975-82, 2269 hrs, 40 hp, 750x16@25% & 14.9x24@90%, 8/2 Gear, 540 Ind PTO, original tack, JD loader w/ 72" bucket w/ new cutting edge. New paint, new seat, everythng works good.

Used Kioti DK35 TLB- 4WD
#5710- Kioti DK35 Tractor w/Woods 1019 loader & Woods BH 7600-1 Backhoe- 4wd, sn# 0614-00064, BH sn# 733924, 2002, 401 hrs, 35hp, joystick loader control, Universal QT bucket, 1 scv, 12/12 shuttle, 540 Ind pto, ROPS, 10x16.5@80% & 44-16x20@95% Industrial Tires, no rips in the seat, very little use, everything works, like new, everything works, Woods 7500 Groundbreaker Backhoe- subframe mounted, will seperate from tractor, 7 1/2 ft dig, complete 3 pt, one owner, sold from here new

Used Kioti LK 3504
#6128- Kioti LK3504 Tractor- 4wd, sn# 23500019, made between 1999-2009, 35hp(E)/29hp(P), 1012 hrs, 8/8 shuttle shift, 540/100 live (two-stage clutch), 7x16@40%, 12.4x24@85%, runs A1, northern tractor, all original

Used LandTrac Tractor w/Loader- 4WD
#6156- LandTrac(LS) 280DTC Tractor w/LS5140 Loader- 4WD, sn# H00210, 777 hrs, 28 hp, 2 scv, well maintained, off food plot, strong, low hour diesel engine, original, Cold start, LH 12/12 shuttle, 540 Ind PTO, food power steering, electric/hydraulic pto, good tin, 8.3x16@60%, 12.4x24@75%

Used Mahindra 3015 Tractor- 4WD
#6091- Mahindra 3015HST Tractor- 4wd, sn# 30H050551002, made between 2003-08, 300 hrs, 30hp(E)/24hp(P), 540 Ind PTO, 27-8.50x15@50% & 15-19.5@75%, works, runs, looks A1, new seat, NICE

Used Massey Ferguson 698 Cab Tractor
#4668- Massey Ferguson 698 Cab Tractor, 2wd, sn#K119012, 79 hp, meter shows 6137 hrs, Cab w/ heat, new paint & seat, block heater, powershift rims, 2 scv, Perkins 4 cyl Diesel, 10-16 @ 80%, 18.4x34 @ 80%, 16/4 trans, Ind. 540/1000, cat II hitch lifts 4440#

Used Ferguson 35 Tractor w/loader- 2wd
#6209- Ferguson TO35 Tractor w/MF 101 Loader- 2wd, sn# SGM170728, 1956, 36hp(E)/33hp(P), 1200 hr on meter (doesn't work), 540 live PTO, 6/2 hi/lo, 750x16@75%, 14.9x28@50%, works good, always starts, NO POWER STEERING, live hydraulics, Three speeds, plus reverse, with high and low ranges. Range shift lever has low, high, and 'S' positions. Lever must be in S to start tractor.

New Set of Tires on Rims
NEW TITAN Tires & Wheels 16.9-28 6 ply rears & 12.5-/80-18 fronts in either R1 or R4 6" Pilot- 8 bolt 8" circle 11/16" bolt hole on fronts 9/16" bolt hole on rears

Used Frey 7515 loader
Frey 7515 loader, came off Ford 5610, sn# B33013, tractor NOT included

Used John Deere 48 Loader
#6049- John Deere 48 Loader- excellent condition, all brackets, tractor hydraulics, nice 72" bucket

NEW Grapple Bucket
Tomahawk Grapple- single cylinder, compacts or Lt Skid steers

New Stone Buckets
#5553- New Versatech Stone Forks, skid steer style, 72", Good Quality (84" also available)

New 72 in Bucket
#6052- New Tomahawk 72" Bucket- universal skid steer style

New Skid Steer Blanks
New Skid Steer Universal Blank Plate, Easy to weld on to buckets and other equipment to convert to skid steer style hookup

New Stump Bucket
#6065- New Tree Stump Bucket