Used Tractors

Used Case IH MXM 130 Cab Tractor w/loader
#5391- Case IH MXM 130 Cab Tractor w/Quicke Q980 Loader- 4wd, sn# ACM225948, 2005, 6778 metered hours, air, 540/1000 Ind PTO, CNH 7.5L 6-cyl diesel eng, 105 hp(P), 3 scv, good glass, new 96" bucket, 18/6 Partial power shift, radio works, 1 owner, 16.9x28@40%, 18.4x42@85%.

Used Case 1210 Cab Tractor
#5173- J.I. Case/David Brown 1210 Tractor, 2wd, sn# 20924, 5785 metered hrs, 65hp,1 scv, 8/2 trans, 540 Ind pto, partial power shift, good tin, new seat, block heater, 750x16@98%, 18.4x30@98%

Used Case IH CX100 Tractor, 2wd
#5496- Case IH CX100 Tractor- 2wd, sn# JJE1007923, 1999, 100 hp, Perkins 4 cylinder diesel, 4386 digital hrs, 2 scv, 16/16 left hand shuttle, dual shaft 540/1000 Ind PTO, rops, Lights and flashers work, top link, drawbar, easy access fuel tank, USED ON OUR FARM TO DO HAY ALL YR, This is a very nice running tractor! NEW 10.00-16L & NEW 15.5x38, 92.3 in wheel base, wt 7396#

Used CIH 685 Tractor w/loader- 4WD
#5623- Case International 685 Tractor w/CIH 2250 Loader- 4WD, sn# under loader frame, made between 1985-90, 1 scv, joy stick loader control, 540 Ind PTO, 8/8 Shuttle Trans, recovered seat, lights, block heater, top link, drawbar, 12.4R24@30%, 18.4R30@80%

Used CIH 485 Tractor w/ldr- 2WD
#5718-Case IH 485 Tractor w/CIH 2200 Loader- 2wd, 1989, sn# 80017B021452, 1785 hrs, 53hp Diesel engine, 1 scv, 8/8 Shuttle Trans, block heater, rear weights, nice 72" bucket, good tin & grill, draw bar, 3100#, 9.5Lx15@75%, 14.9x28@40%

Used International 434 Tractor- GAS
#5089- International 434 Tractor, 2wd, GAS, sn #62520, 43hp, 3015 metered hrs, 540 live pto, hydraulics, Hi/lo trans, 8/2, 14.9x28 @ 80&45%Priced before new paint

Used Case IH Industrial Tractor w/loader- 2wd
#5628- Case IH 380B Tractor w/ CIH Loader- 2wd, sn# 91503, 53 hp, 2886 hrs, joy stick loader control, Diesel engine, 8/8 shuttle, 540 Ind PTO, 11Lx15@90%, 16.9x24@ 40&90%, very good tractor, no welds, 84" bucket, good sheet metal, sync reversem IH 2.9 L 3 cyl eng, ropsm drawbar & toplink

Used Challenger MT295B Tractor w/ldr- NEW R4 Tires
#5610- Challenger MT295B Tractor w/NEW NH 270TL Loader- 4WD, sn# MT295B000192, 55hp, 2575 hours, made between 2005-2008, 2 scv, 12/12 power shuttle shift ( Three ranges with four gears each. Transmission can be shifted from forward to reverse on the go, without the clutch. In-range gear changes can be made on the go with the clutch), 540 Ind PTO, mid valve loader w/joystick control, canopy, universal quick attach bucket, no leaks, straight tin, NEW 17.5L-24 & 10-16.5 Tires

Used Challenger MT285 Tractor w/ldr- 4wd
#5669- Challenger MT285 Tractor w/ Challenger 230 Loader- 4WD, sn# MT285 7606, 1564 hrs, 40hp, 12 scv, 540 Ind Pto, 12/12 shuttle shift, straight, good grill, folding rops no welds, no leaks, 800Rx15@75% & 355 80-20@60%

Used New Holland T6030 Cab Tractor, 4wd
#5511- New Holland T6030 Delta Cab Tractor, 4wd, sn# Z7BD03969, COLD AIR, 115hp, 6042 hrs, 16/16 Electroshift Transmission, partial powershift, lights work, front grill guard, large cab with buddy seat, sun visor, 540/1000 Ind 95hp PTO, draw bar, stabilizers, cat II mechanical lower-link draft control three point hitch, Four gears in four ranges. Push-button power shifting between gears and clutch-free shifting between ranges A-B and C-D. Synchronized shift from ranges B to C. Power shuttle shifting. 380/85R28@80%, 480/80R38@75%

Used New Holland TN60SA Tractor w/ loader
#5205- New Holland TN60SA Tractor w/33LA loader, 4wd, sn# HJE031852, 622 metered hrs, Canopy, Super steer, 57 hp diesel engine, 16/16 powershuttle, 540 Indpendant PTO, 16.9x24, low profile, 1 set of outlets, drawbar toplink, NICE!

Used Ford 7610 Cab Tractor, 2wd
#4694- Ford 7610 Cab Tractor w/Frey QT3450 Loader- 2wd, sn# B520807, 98hp, heat/air compressor, 8/2, 2scv, lights, drawbar, Ind 540/1000, 18.4x30@90%

Used Ford 4000 Tractor w/ldr- 2WD
#5622- Ford 4000 Tractor w/Ford loader- 2wd, sn# B092046, 55hp, shows 3500 hrs, 72" bucket w/ front pump loader, 1scv, runs/works A1, power steering, flat top fenders, working lights, no leaks, drawbar, 540 independant pto, 8 speed, nice matching tires 750x16@40% & 16.9x30@75%

Used Ford 2600 Tractor
#5593- Ford 2600 Tractor- 2WD, sn# C517441, 1976, 3417 hrs, 38hp(E)/32hp(P), 8/2 gear trans, orig paint, 540 Live PTO, lights, tool box, top link, draw bar, all NEW dual clutch ass., local- leaving state

Used Ford/NH 2120 Cab Tractor w/ front Blade- 4WD
#5611- New Holland 2120 Cab Tractor w/ front Blade- 4WD, sn# UV21756, 1988, 1335 hrs, 40hp(E)/34.5hp(P), 540 Independant pto, Cab w/heat & 6ft hydraulic angle blade, spring loaded, new battery, 28-8.50x15@75% & New 18.4x16.1 Tires

Used Ford Jubilee
#5407- Ford NAA- 1954, 2260 metered hrs, 30 hp, nice runner, good tin, grill, drawbar, nice, new 600x16 & 12.4x28

Used JD 5510 Tractor- 4wd
#5613- John Deere 5510 Tractor- 4wd, sn# 152891, 1998, 3244 hrs, 89hp(E)/75hp(P), 9/3+R SyncroShuttle- Three speeds (1-3) plus reverse (R) in three ranges (A-C). Synchronized shifting, using the clutch, between the three forward speeds and reverse. Tractor must be stopped, and clutch used, to shift range., good strong runner, priced w/o new tires, rear weights, drawbar, toplink orginal, New PTO Bearings & Complete Clutch Assy.

Used JD 5300 w/loader- 4WD
#5625- John Deere 5300 Tractor w/ JD 540 Loader- 4WD, sn# E532501, 1996, 4481 hrs, 55.9hp(E)/50hp(P), 2 scv, engine heater, quick attach bucket w/ hoy stick loader control, new seat, Diesel, 540 Ind PTO, 11.2x24@40%, 16.9x30@60%

Used JD 2130 Tractor- 2wd
#5697- John Deere 2130 Tractor- 2wd, sn# unknown, 2107 hrs, 75(E)/66(P)hp, 1 scv, 8/4 trans, 540 Ind pto, new paint, 750x16@70%, 13.6x38@ 90%, good rims & sheet metal, hyd wet disk brakes, drawbar, 3.9L 4cyl JD engine w/block heater

Used JD 1120 w/loader- 2WD
#5716- John Deere 1120 Tractor w/ JD 37 Loader- 2wd, sn# 98571, 51hp, 3897 hrs, 8/4 gear trans, made between 1967-75, 540 Ind pto, very straight tin, canopy, material bucket, new paint, no leaks, 9.5Lx15@40%, 16.9x30@75%

Used MF 4235 Cab Tractor w/ loader- 4WD
#5527- Massey Ferguson 4235 Cab Tractor w/Bush Hog 2845 Loader- 4wd, sn# H19297, 2000, 727 hrs, 75hp, Cab w/ heat & air, 2 scv, dual ldr control, Diesel, 16/16 Shuttle, 540/1000 Ind Pto, quick attach loader & bucket, bale spear, R280/85-24@60%, NEW 380 85/30 Tires, Good clean tractor.

Used MF 393 Cab Tractor w/Loader, 2WD
#5505- Massey Ferguson 393 Cab Tractor w/Bush Hog QT Loader- 2WD, sn# E01399, 1997, 95hp(E)83hp(P),1873 hrs, Cab with cold air/heat, 2 scv, 8/2 gear trans, 540 Ind PTO, new alternator, very light use, run 10ft brush hog on horsefarm.

Used Massey Ferguson 698 Cab Tractor
#4668- Massey Ferguson 698 Cab Tractor, 2wd, sn#K119012, 79 hp, meter shows 6137 hrs, Cab w/ heat, new paint & seat, block heater, powershift rims, 2 scv, Perkins 4 cyl Diesel, 10-16 @ 80%, 18.4x34 @ 80%, 16/4 trans, Ind. 540/1000, cat II hitch lifts 4440#

Used MF 265 Tractor w/loader- 2wd
#5612- Massey Ferguson 265 wMF236 Loader- 2wd, sn# 9A219956, 1976, 3173 hrs, 65 hp Perkins Diesel, 1 scv, 6/2 gear trans, new paint, no leaks, cast centers, sound 16.9 x30@50% & NEW 7.50x16 Tires, multi power good, pin on 72" bucket, roll bar, good tin, block heater, 540 Ind pto, double lever loader control,

Used MF35 Tractor
#5596- Massey Ferguson 35 Tractor- 2WD, sn# SGM 205039, 1960, 35hp Continental 2.2L 4 cyl GAS engine, 2868 hours, 8/2 trans, complete three point, 540 live pto- 2 stage clutch

Used MF35 Tractor- 2wd
#5559- Massey Ferguson35 Tractor- 2WD, sn#165022, 4199 hrs, 31 hp 4 speed, original 35 Hi-Lo. 540 L.Pto, lights, runs nice, 600x16- 1 new & 1@50%, 13.6x28@60%

Used MF GC2300 w/ loader- HYDRO 4WD
#5692- Massey Ferguson GC 2300 Tractor w/MF 2350 Loader- 4wd, 23hp, sn# MT1024-7476, 2003, 1749 hrs, hydrostatic, 540 Ind pto new paint, shaft drive mid pto 60" deck, runs, works A-1, lights

Used Frey 7515 loader
Frey 7515 loader, came off Ford 5610, sn# B33013, tractor NOT included

New Skid Steer Universal Blank Plates
New Skid Steer Universal Blank Plate, Easy to weld on to buckets and other equipment to convert to skid steer style hookup, several in stock

Used Ford 4100 w/Loader- 2wd
#5627- Ford 4100 Tractor w/ Allied 380 Loader- 2wd, sn# unknown, 52hp, 1 scv, 3317 hrs, new paint, 8/2 gear, 540 Ind pto, 750-16@75%, New 17.5Lx24

Used Massey Ferguson 2615 Tractor w/Loader- 4WD
#5506- Massey Ferguson 2615 Tractor w/NEW Ansung BL40 Loader- 4WD, sn#FT447811, made from 2007-now, 957 hrs, 2 scv, Simpson 2.7L 3-cyl 49hp diesel engine, 42hp 540 Ind PTO, 8/8 LH Synchro Shuttle, draw bar, top link, tool box, lights. 1 small rip in the seat, good paint, nice running, 9.5-24@80%, 14.9-28@85%. Quick attach Ansung BL40 Loader lifts 3400# with 72" universal quick attach Bucket.

Used Branson 6530 Tractor w/ NEW Loader- 4wd
#5707- Branson 6530R Tractor w/NEW Ansung BL40 Loader- 4wd, sn# CQ7P00021- 1584hrs, 65hp Cummins 3.3L 4-cyl diesel engine, 2 scv, NEW Ansung BL40 Loader lifts 3400#, easily quick disconnect/connect, joy stick loader control, 540/680/1000 independent pto, 22.2 gal fuel tank, 6,361#, Canopy, top link, draw bar, stabilizer bars, work light, 24/24 synchronized shuttle, NEW 12.5/80-18 & 16.9-28